DV Supporters

There are too many dogs who don't have an owner with whom to share their life. This is why we want to do all in our hands so that they too can enjoy the best outings as soon as possible. Will you help?

The solidarity bag is perfect for a Dog Vivant plan with style. Besides, you also help dogs that still do not have an owner as we donate 100% of the profits to animal protection organisations.


The solidarity points-of-sales help us to sell the DV Solidarity bag. All the benefits that are generated from these sales are dedicated to animal protection organisations.

You can become a solidarity sales point from your private area of certified host.


If you are not yet a certified host:


We want to help animal protection organisations by donating the profits of sales of solidarity material and the dissemination of their activities.
If you are interested in becoming a Dog Vivant collaborating protector, write to us.

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If you want us to advise you of DV supporters progress, leave us your email.

“Many who have dedicated their life to love, can tell us less about this subject than a child who lost his dog yesterday”. Thornton Wilder.