Do you have a dog-friendly establishment?

Just one more step to become a Dog Vivant HOST

There are thousands of people with a dog looking for an establishment like yours everyday. We help bring them to your business. Reach the heart of a premium, young and growing sector, for €60 a year.


Host page

You will have your own host page on the website and the app, as well as access from your city's directory.

Visibility online and offline

Visibility in Google and other browsers for searches related to leisure and tourism with dogs, as well as events in your area.

International projection

Dog Vivant will be available in Spanish, English, French and Basque to attend to the public in your home town, visitors, international tourists etc. who want to travel with their dog


Become a certified host

I am already a host and I want to access my private area

Annual rates

A small investment to obtain great results

For a few Euros a month you have access to a new community of very interesting clients in businesses like yours. We do all the marketing work , you only have to concern yourself with being the best Dog Vivant host.


(includes certificate and courtesy bowl)


(includes certificate and courtesy bowl)


From 72€/year
(Includes: dog goodies packs (bed and drinking bowl possibility))

* VAT not included

How does it work?

3 simple steps to open your doors to a community in constant growth

Fill in the HOST CERTIFICATE APPLICATION in the form on this page. It will take 5 minutes at most to complete the basic fields of your business, your policy of dog access and payment of the annual fee, by credit card or direct debit.

From this moment, your host page will be available both in the website and in the app and you can complete it with photos and a description of your establishment, extra services, specialities, etc.

Within a maximum period of 15 working days, at the address you indicate, you will receive your welcome pack, which comprises:

  • Adhesive certificate to be placed at the entrance to your establishment,
  • Decalogue with the main guidelines of coexistence between humans and dogs in your establishment, which you can display wherever you want
  • Dog Vivant Drinking bowl to satisfy the thirst of dogs that visit you *
  • Mats so that the dogs visiting you can sleep placidly. **

* Bars, Cafés and Restaurants (1 drinking bowl). Hotels (2 drinking bowls) ** Hotels: 2 medium size mats

In the registration form you can indicate what size of dogs you admit and how they should access your establishment; in what zones, hours, if you offer any special service for them.... The Dog Vivant certificate does not oblige you to accept the access and presence of any dog if it is not well behaved, does not comply with basic hygiene measures or bothers other clients. See full regulations here


Many establishments and dog lovers already form part of Dog Vivant. Do you want to know their experiences?

En esta vida, dicen, tenemos que trabajar... Ya que tenemos ese yugo, disfrutemos de ello. Eso es lo que nos transmiten las compañeras (ahora amigas) de Dog Vivant y se agradece... Una ayuda para todas y todos, de dos y cuatro patas. Un placer de colaboración...

Ricardo, responsable de La Posada de Tollo, Cantabria
See host file

Estamos muy satisfechos con la decisión de certificarnos como anfitrión Dog Vivant. Mueven una comunidad perruna muy activa y notamos que estamos consiguiendo gran visibilidad, y nos llegan bastantes contactos a través de nuestra ficha Dog Vivant. Si esto sigue así, que tiene toda la pinta, renovaremos la certificación con total seguridad.

Daniel, responsable de La Corte de Lugás, Asturias
See host file


We are happy: in only a few weeks several new clients who got to know us through Dog Vivant have visited us and they are all delighted with the drinking bowl.

Jorge Muguruza, Owner of Copper Deli, Bilbao
See host file

Since we joined Dog Vivant we are reaching out to a traveller profile that is on the rise, and they greatly appreciate the attention to the dogs and the services such as the personalised Dog Vivant beds and feeding bowls. It is an initiative that adds a plus to our establishment in terms of visibility in social networks and presence on the Internet. A small investment that multiplies its return.

Eva Artetxe, Propietaria Hotel Artetxe, Bilbao
See host file


En estos meses, Dog Vivant ha sido una fuente importante de nuevos clientes para el hotel canino. Sin duda, la mejor inversión que he hecho en publicidad.

Marta Luna, directora de Lulúa Centro Canino, Amorebieta
See host file

With a small annual investment I can reach hundreds of new potential clients for Animalex Derecho Animal. A very interesting dog-loving community, constantly growing which also helps us to claim, for the animals which we live with, a space and rights that they deserve.

María González, Owner of Boheme, Bilbao
See host file


Whenever I can I try to visit and shop in stores, bars, etc. that let me enter with my dog Pipa, even if I am not with her. I really appreciate you making it easier for us who don't like to leave our dog at home unnecessarily, and there are increasingly more of us.

Virginia y Pipa



On becoming a certified Dog Vivant host, automatically you access to the following tools and support for your business:


Photos, descriptions, access information, times, forms of contact, etc. to offer all the information you want to your Dog Vivant community


Visits, clicks to see your web page, email, telephone, marked as favourites, opinions, photos, etc. of the Dog Vivant community about your establishment.


With the Dog Vivant team, for any query or suggestion related to the platform, certificate, etc. we undertake to reply as soon as possible.


Exclusive section for being the best Dog Vivant host and obtaining the most loyal clients for your business.