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This spot has been recognised as official to access with dog in the terms here published (see below the hourly, season or area restricion). This condition may vary over time. We try to have this info as updated as possible, but we recommend, in case you are going to move around just to enjoy this place, to confirm these are still the current terms, calling to the council (number below).
If you know this terms have changed, you can help us and all the community by writting a comment in this page.

We encourage you to enjoy this place with responsibility. Remember to always collect your dog droppings, so as we all can go on enjoying this place.
If you have already visited this place, you can help us and all the community by publishing a review in this page or a "moment" located here.

En este parque con desnivel, los perros pueden correr libres durante las 24 horas del día. Encontrarás arboles, bancos y fuente para refrescar a los perros en verano.

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El ayuntamiento de Leioa ofrece varias zonas de esparcimientos para perros en el municipio. El Parque Sarriena se encuentra junto al último campo de fútbol de la Fundación Euskampus, donde termina la carretera.


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