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Soria with dog in depth

There are so many beautiful hikes in Castilla y León! If your doggy is more of the adventurer-like and feels the need of discovering new places, this is the perfect place to spend some days and enjoy the company of your furry pal.

The province of Soria is a great example of it, and so have proclaimed poets like Bécquer or Machado: you can smell a special aroma by the shore of the river Duero. Following the river, your dog and you will come across the San Saturio chapel, one of the main historical elements in the vicinity. And not very far away you can also find the monastery of San Juan de Duero, one of the most anticipated destinations of human and doggy tourists of the area.

In the capital city of Soria, once your dog and you have enjoyed some great moments in the countryside, you can go street walking to discover the many squares and churches of the city. And nothing better to fill your bellies than eating some tasty torreznos, a local delicacy made of dried slices of bacon. All swallowed with the help of some fine wine or a cold beer.

Your dog and you will probably end up exhausted of so much walking, so you may want to rest your feet in one of the numerous dog allowing hotels in the province of Soria that will receive your visit with open arms.

If you enjoyed Soria, don’t miss the chance of visiting Burgos or Segovia. They are places that will inspire your four-legged fella and you.

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Soria (province)

Located in the east of Castilla y Leon, your dog and you are going to enjoy charming routes that are waiting you in Soria.