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Asturias with dog in depth

Beaches, mountains, beautiful green landscapes and delicious local food make of Asturias a natural paradise. It’s a place that you can’t miss, where you and your dog will have a blast.

If you two like hiking, there’s nothing like going all over the different paths in the Asturian coast line. It’s a great idea to do in all seasons: the chilly winter wind will freshen your face and your soul, and the beaches will rest your spirit in summertime. You will also enjoy Picos de Europa, a must-go for adventurer dogs.

But there’s more to do than just walking! If there’s something great in this area is its gastronomy. Filling your belly with a cachopo or a delightful stew in the different dog-friendly bars and restaurants in Asturias is a great idea!

And you will probably need more than a day to visit neighbour localities like Gijón or Oviedo. Where to Sleep in Asturias with your dog is not a problem anymore, as you will find plenty of places that will receive you with open arms.

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Asturias is a natural paradise. Mountains, beaches, unique villages and cities like Oviedo, Gijón and Avilés, without forgetting the Asturian cuisine. With us you will discover how to enjoy all this without your dog. Discover the best accommodations, hotels, cottages to visit Asturias with your dog.

Dog-friendly information and services in Asturias

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