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Oviedo with dog in depth

There are so many beautiful views to enjoy in Asturias! Beaches, mountains and vast green zones form what you could call a natural paradise. If you like walking, visiting new places and trying new foods, you can’t miss this beautiful part in the north of the Iberian peninsula.

Sus dos ciudades más importantes son Gijón y Oviedo. Precisamente  esta última fue en su día la capital del Reino, hecho que ha dejado un casco antiguo con sabor medieval y por el que el perrete y tú os podéis perder para descubrir la esencia de la ciudad. Un paseo por sus calles y sus plazas para observar los diferentes palacios e iglesias y, como no, visitar las tiendas que admiten perros en Oviedo o los negocios caninos para que tanto el peludo como tú os llevéis un grato recuerdo.

Its to main cities are Gijón and Oviedo. Precisely the latter was the capital city of the Kingdom of Asturias centuries ago, which has left some cultural remnants in its historical center with medieval flavour. You will love to take a walk in its streets and squares to observe the different palaces and churches. Along the way you will find plenty of dog-friendly shops in Oviedo and canine businesses for all your dog needs.

But you can’t leave this area without drinking its famous cider or eating a delicious cachopo, a local delicacy made with beef, ham and cheese. After a copious meal, it’s nap time. You’ll find numerous dog allowing hotels in Oviedo where you can spend the night in the best of the companies: your dog.

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A walk through the old town, tapas on the Boulevard de la Sidra... an ancient city. In Dog Vivant, we help you enjoy Oviedo in the company of your dog.