Burgos (province)



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Burgos with dog in depth

There are two things that come to mind when you think in Burgos: it’s famous cathegral and the Morcilla, a delicious blood sausage made of pig guts and rice or vegetables. So, why don’t you pack your things and pay a visit there with your inconditional four-legger?

Your furry friend and you will be able to visit one of the best representatives of Spanish Gothic, a grim and beautiful architectural style.

It is, without a question, a province where both humans and dog will live unique moments. The vast variety of landscapes and things to do will surprise you in a good way. If you love doggy plans, nothing like staying in a cottage in burgos with your dog. You’ll live the natural and unique environment in the best way possible.

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Burgos (province)

Natural landscapes, urban routes, towns with a thousand stories... Burgos offers millions of possibilities for a getaway with family, friends ...and of course, with your dog!