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Durango with dog in depth

Bizkaia es una tierra donde tu perro y tú encontraréis, a buen seguro, uno de los lugares más bonitos que se pueden visitar del norte de la península. El tiempo no suele acompañar en gran parte del año, pero eso no es impedimento para que el peludo y tú disfrutéis de sus verdes paisajes.

Vizcaya is, without question, one of the most beautiful places in the northern coast of the Iberian peninsula. Weather tends to be so-so, but that’s no hindrance to visit its green landscapes.

A great example is Durango, a paradise for adventurer dogs and nature lovers. There, dogs and humans will get captivated by deep valleys and dense forests, and pintoresque places like the Grutas del Rosario, with a depth of more than 500 meters. A great place to live intense experiences.

But if your four-legged pal and you end up exhausted of that many adventures, you can always take a breath visiting the city center, where you will find numerous dog-friendly shops. Also, there are lots of dog shops in Durango for all your dog needs.

There’s always something to do and somewhere to go in Durango with your dog. What a doggy place!

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In Durango you can enjoy tradition and nature at the same time. Its historic center has been declared monuments. Discover a medieval town with over 700 years of history in its streets and enjoy the green surrounding mountains and the natural park of Urkiola. Perfect destination to visit with your dog.