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We are beginning and still have no certified hosts here.
You can consult the nearest and recommend some!


18 results

Bilbao with dog in depth

Gray, heavy-industrialised and sad looking. That’s how visitants have described Bilbao pretty often during the last century. But that’s over: Bilbao has gained plenty of green zones, pedestrian avenues and spacious squares, easing life to dogs and humans the same.

‘And where do I leave the dog?’ isn’t an excuse anymore to meet some friends in and fill your belly in these restaurants in Bilbao. You can also go Shopping in these dog-friendly shops and stay in these numerous dog allowing hotels in Bilbao.

In Bilbao you can find more than a hundred of Dog Vivant stablishments that will love to attend you and your dog’s needs. And, like every big city, it has limitless options for all the canine emergencies that can happen with your four-legged pal.


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Establecimientos recomendados por los usuarios (pendientes de certificar)

These establishments have been recommended by the Dog Vivant community, but they have not yet become certified as hosts. The Dog Vivant team works hard for them to become hosts and we can publish their host file with all the useful information for you.
If you have been in any of these establishments with your dog, please, mark the option True! they accept dogsthis way you can help us.


With large parks and promenades , an exquisite gastronomic culture and a great love for dogs , Bilbao is the perfect place to enjoy a few days. Don´t forget to take a picture of your dog with Puppy, the biggest dog in the whole country!

Dog-friendly information and services in Bilbao

  • Metro

    You can travel with dogs that weigh under 8 Kgs.

    More info

  • Bilbobus

    You can travel with your dog on a suitable bag.

    More info

  • EuskoTren

    On the train and tram of Bilbao, you can travel with dogs in your arms or with leash.

    + info

  • Renfe

    You can travel with your dog if you carry him with a leash, unlimited size and free.

    + info

  • Renfe (medium and long distance)

    Long Distance and Ave, Medium Distance and Avant: up to 10 kg, in a dog box, payment 25% of commuter ticket.

    + info

  • Taxi Bilbao Aitziber

    Aitziber’s taxi has the Dog Vivant certificate, ready for your dog to travel in a comfortable and safe way. Let her know one hour in advance when you need to travel by taxi with your dog.

     665 703 751


  • Veterinary Emergency

    Clínica Veterinaria Avenida

    See more

  • Taxi in Bilbao

    Call the switchboard and tell then that you are traveling with your dog, they'll be look for a vehicle in which you can travel.

    Radio Taxi Bilbao: 94 444 88 88

    Radiotaxi Nervión: 94 426 90 26

    Class Taxi Mercedes: 94 444 50 50